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Telegraph Road Physical Therapy has been proudly serving the South St. Louis region for over 25 years.  Our focus on providing full service outpatient Physical Therapy in a caring family atmosphere remains the same as when our doors first opened.  As healthcare evolves, we believe the most important tool is education to our patients and their families to enable them to become active and successful in managing their overall health and achieving their goals.

Few, if any, physical therapy offices will offer you the kind of patient “perks” that we offer here at Telegraph Road Physical Therapy.  Our new gym is filled with the latest equipment to get you back in good condition.  And because it takes someone trained --and licensed-- in physical therapy to give the help you need, our staff is comprised only of licensed physical therapist who will spend a full hour focused on your concerns.  We do not double book or utilize unlicensed aids like so many of our competitors because we care about your safety and realize that it takes time to learn and understand your unique injury or situation.  Our clinic offers a family atmosphere which focuses on optimal outcomes, not a factory mentality.

Please use our extensive medical library with summaries of current research articles to explore and learn how physical therapy can aid in your recovery.  To access this area go to the Explore area on our home page and click on the Injuries & Conditions tab.  These research articles are peer-reviewed and are published in some of the best journals in the world including the American Physical Therapay Associations P.T. Journal, Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy, and Journal of American Medical Association.  Again, education and then acting on good information is key in optimizing your outcomes.

Richard R. Kidwell, RPT, founded Telegraph Road Physical Therapy in 1985 and was the President and Director of the clinic for 18 years.  His vision of serving his patients first and enabling each one to achieve their own goals kept the clinic in high demand.  He resisted the urge to grow into multiple clinics as he could oversee care better by remaining small and ensuring the highest quality.  In February 2004, E. Braden Brasfield, MSPT, OCS was entrusted to keep the vision intact and expand the scope of the clinic as President and Director of Telegraph Road Physical Therapy.  We have kept the same goals of quality service to patients first but also strive to serve and improve quality to every entity in the healthcare chain. 

Since that time, we have expanded the clinic and have purchased all new equipment to better serve our patients.  We lecture to senior and community groups as well as athletic teams and coaches in the community.  At this time, we are also starting up a pilot research study on falls in the elderly and the effects of physical therapy on prevention of future falls.  We are also gathering data on total knee replacement outcomes.   has over 400 hours of advanced continuing education in the fields of orthopedics, geriatrics, sports rehab, MLB team training, manual therapy, neurology and strokes, biomechanics, orthotic casting, chronic pain, vestibular and balance rehab, and cutting-edge modalities.  His main interests are Orthopedics - both in preventing the need for surgery and post-surgical rehabilitation, Geriatrics - with an emphasis in gait and balance training and prevention of falls, Sports injuries and training, Chronic pain treatment, and Worker’s Injuries.  “We’re proud of our ability to diagnose the cause of your pain correctly and to treat each patient with the therapy that’s best suited for that patient’s individual condition.”  Mr. Brasfield is dedicated to his patients’ goals and eagerly anticipates each one being fully achieved.  St. Louis patients and physicians alike know that Telegraph Road Physical Therapy is an encouraging clinic focused on compassionate outcome based care, getting optimal results, often when others have failed.

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