2716 Telegraph Road, #107
Saint Louis, MO 63125
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Our Story

Telegraph Road Physical Therapy was founded in 1985 by Richard R. Kidwell, RPT who was the President and Director of the clinic for 18 years. In February 2004, E. Braden Brasfield, MSPT, OCS was entrusted to maintain the image and reputation of our service as well as expand the scope of the clinic as the new President and Director of Telegraph Road Physical Therapy.

In 2020, despite an ongoing global pandemic, Telegraph Road Physical Therapy was expanding and we moved down the road to our current newly-renovated facility. Expansion has been an exciting journey one of which included a car coming through our front doors at the new location in July of 2021. After having our front doors boarded up for three months due to the incident, in October we got our new doors finally! In February of 2022, we received the Commercial Renovation Award from the Affton-Lemay Chamber of Commerce.

With moving locations, we have purchased all new top-of-the-line equipment to better serve our patients. However despite expanding our facility size, we are resisting the requests to grow into multiple clinics so that Brad can continue to oversee the care of all patients and ensure the highest quality of physical therapy provided in the South County area. St. Louis patients and physicians alike know that Telegraph Road Physical Therapy is an encouraging clinic focused on compassionate outcome-based care that achieves the optimal results that no other physical therapy clinic can.

"We’re proud of our ability to diagnose the cause of your pain correctly and to treat each patient with the therapy that’s best suited for that patient’s individual condition."

- Brad Brasfield MSPT, OCS, President and Clinical Director

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