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Telegraph Road Physical Therapy helps patients in the Saint Louis area to achieve optimal health and mobility. All of our Physical Therapists have advanced degrees, and you will always see the same Physical Therapist at each visit -- receiving that one-one-one compassionate attention that you deserve. We do not use aides or assistants, nor do we double book.

Our Treatment includes Physical Therapy services. We have helped thousands of patients and look forward to working with you.Plan for at least one hour or more for your initial visit. Follow-up appointments run between 40 to 60 minutes. Sessions for patients who have experienced a stroke may last longer.  Most importantly, we adapt our time to optimize your outcomes.

Other Programs:

Fitness Assessments for Golfers

Who is the perfect coach for swing dynamics and biomechanics?  After all, who has years of biomechanical and physiological training and daily utilizes that knowledge to teach people how to walk, work safely, and to excel at sport?  A Physical Therapist is the logical choice.  Whether you are a duffer or dreaming about the Seniors Champions Tour, we can help you gain distance, improve your flexibility and strength.  Our program analyzes YOUR body first and then develops a stretching and strengthening program best designed for your optimal swing.  Don’t let an untrained “professional” try to change your swing into a mold that does not fit!  There are many ways to strike a ball solidly, just look at the tour.  Sure, Tiger has great mechanics but he also has an intense regimen and great flexibility and core strength.  Jim Furyk has a less traditional swing, yet he is able to pile up wins on the most difficult of courses.  Let us help you break through the barrier of 100, 90, 80, or even par. 

Peak Performance Program

This program is for our patient’s who wish to continue to utilize our gym equipment after they are finished with their course of physical therapy.  You must have a doctor’s order stating that you are allowed to participate in such a program.  This is a self-pay program that many of our patients take advantage of for 4 or 8 week time periods.  This is a scheduled program to ensure everyone can be accommodated.

Worker Injury Prevention Program

This program is in development and will focus on education, pre-employment screenings, continuing back safety classes, ergonomic evaluation, and possible on-site acute early intervention to reduce worker’s absence after low back and repetitive strain injuries.  Comprehensive programs which include early physical therapy intervention like this one, have been shown to lower associated and direct costs by over 70%.  This will help reduce the billions of dollars that U.S. companies pay annually.

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